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New 9.0 Features To All Editions:


  • New chat system that provides a quick way to communicate regarding related items.
  • Messages appear in real-time.
  • Messages can contain uploaded images, uploaded files or links to related items.

Updated HTML5 Offline Client

  • A new mobile theme uses a more efficient menu system.
  • The mobile layouts are used on smaller displays.
  • Supports the new Chat Dashboard.

Mobile Client Native Application

  • The Mobile Client is a native app for the Anrdoid platform.
  • The Mobile Client leverages all the features of the HTML5 Offline Client, but is faster as no effort is made to maintian offline data.
  • Supports the new Chat Dashboard.

Updated Dashboard

  • Silverlight charts were replaced with HTML5 charts.

New Professional and Enterprise Features:

New Report Designer

  • A new Report Designer adds greater flexibility to reports that can be created from with SplendidCRM.
  • The new Report Designer looks and feels similar to the Microsoft Report Builder query designer to minimize the learning curve.
  • Field widths can now be specified in the designer.
  • Column labels can be edited.
  • Table relationships can be defined.
  • Filters can be applied.
  • Page width and height can be specified.

New Enterprise Features:

Offline Client Native Application

  • The Offline Client is a native app for the Anrdoid platform.
  • The Offline Client maintains a local SQLite database so that data can be collected and modified offline and synchronized later.
  • As a native application, the Offline Client can store and manage large amounts of data, limited only by the memory of the device.

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